What I Offer

During this time of Shelter In Place, I offer online therapy sessions on a HIPAA approved online therapy platform.

I began as a relationship therapist and after years of practice have learned that many common issues stem from past unprocessed hurt or trauma. Trauma that goes unaddressed usually turns into protective patterns that interfere with healthy relating. To have a healthy relationship with the self or with another, we need to heal the hurt and bring awareness, compassion and clear seeing to our patterns and mechanisms - develop our Emotional Intelligence .

Through an inquiry process, I help people identify what is getting activated in themselves that causes them to act or react in a particular way. Once there is understanding I then invite the client or clients in couples work to own what is there. Once we own our reaction, we work on meeting the feelings with awareness and change the pattern. Sometimes patterns are entrenched in layers of hurt that need healing. This is where trauma work comes in. Here we use EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to move the trauma through.

I work with:

I work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues with Individuals and Couples. The main piece of my work is helping people develop Emotional Intelligence , so that they can be more present with themselves and others..