Let’s face it, dating is tough. Especially here in the Bay Area, where there are so many options and a perpetual sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). This creates a field of defended hearts, game playing, and difficulty or resistance to commitment.

This vibe makes it hard to keep the heart open and remain authentic and open. I’ve seen a lot of hurt hearts resorting to “game” tactics to protect their heart and keep themselves safe. However, games perpetuate more wounded hearts and it becomes difficult to find authenticity anywhere.

Many single people, unsuccessful in the dating scene, have come in to my practice. Within a short while, I've witnessed many find a well matched available partner, simply because they've learned to attune to themselves, develop a secure base, know their truth  and remain open and authentic.

Authenticity leads to innate confidence. Confidence is attractive. Being confident leads to finding a counterpart that matches that confidence. When we feel secure, we attract a secure partner.

When we feel insecure, we either won't attract a partner, or we will attract a partner who is equally insecure in their own way.

Like attracts like.

There are other issues that could contribute to difficulty with dating. Please check out these links for more information. Emotional Intelligence , Couples Counseling , Building A Secure Base , EMDR .

If you’re having difficulty in the dating scene, I am happy to help you redefine dating for yourself.

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