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Abiding in our deeper nature leads to inner peace. Unhappiness and emotional distress stem from being disconnected from our depths and instead, being lost in habits of trying to fill emptiness through external means, leading only to further disconnection.

When we turn toward ourselves with awareness, and meet our experience with loving kindness and compassion, we can have a felt sense of well-being and grounded presence. When we turn away from our internal experience unconsciously or deliberately, we feel disconnected, empty, lonely, cut-off, caught in thinking loops, depressed, bored, stuck, lost and needy, reaching outward for something to make us feel better.

The core of my work centers around helping people free themselves from dysfunctional habitual patterning and relating, while simultaneously practicing abiding in their true nature.

Please check out my website and please feel free to contact me or ask me any questions about how I practice.

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